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Brooklyn Woodwind and Brass

Berg Larsen, Medium Chamber, Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Berg Larsen Saxophone Mouthpieces are used by some of the world's top professional saxophonists. Berg originally made his name as a professional musician and also made reeds. In 1945, he designed and manufactured a range of ebonite mouthpieces for clarinet and saxophone which later evolved into a range made of stainless steel for an increased lifespan.
The name Berg Larsen is synonymous with hand crafted mouthpieces for saxophones. Each one is individually hand finished and inspected to ensure the Berg Larsen reputation for quality is maintained. As well as using a variety of materials in the construction of these mouthpieces, they have a comprehensive range of tip openings, to be sure that there is a mouthpiece for everyone.

Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
Medium Chamber 115/1

Stainless Steel Construction
Includes Cap and Ligature
Tip Openings:
100 = Medium Close
110-115 = Medium
120 = Medium Open
Tone Chamber:
0 = Brilliant
1 = Bright
2 = Round