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Brooklyn Woodwind and Brass

BG Mouthpiece Cushion

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BG Mouthpiece Patches keep mouthpieces from wearing, offer protection, and a more comfortable feel. They're also easier on the teeth. Savers are waterproof to stay on. They easily transfer from one piece to another without leaving glue residue.

Protect Your Mouthpiece and Improve Tone!
BG mouthpiece cushions are made to protect your mouthpiece from teeth-wear while also improving tone by reducing vibration on the mouth. Made from durable, non-toxic rubber and fits most clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, from soprano to bass and beyond! To install, simply clean your mouthpiece, peel off a patch and place appropriately on the top of the mouthpiece.

• Protects mouthpiece from wear while reducing vibration
• Dense, 0.8 mm thick rubber
• Fits most clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces
• Self adhesive, easy to install. $3 (2 Count)

$3/2 Clear Mouth Piece Cushions 0.8 mm