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Brooklyn Woodwind and Brass

Yanagisawa, Sopranino Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Hand-crafted in Japan by Yanagisawa's experienced artisans, the metal sopranino mouthpiece is guaranteed to impress.
Similar to other metal mouthpieces, the Yanagisawa metal mouthpiece has all the power and projection that you'd expect. But thanks to the square chamber, it can also produce a fantastically smooth tone. And once combined with the No. 7 tip, you will immediately hear how accurate the intonation is.

The secret to making such a good mouthpiece starts with the material - high-quality brass. Thanks to the bright tone and loud volumes that brass metal mouthpieces can achieve, they are perfect for big band ensembles. Once the Yanagisawa mouthpiece has been finished, it's silver-plated for an extra touch of class.